Who we are and what we do

Pixelflakes is a London based studio comprised of artists. Our carefully selected team specialises in visualising the unbuilt. The approach we take evokes thought and conveys emotion. It is this approach that has cemented on-going working relationships with many of our clients. Whilst we all descend from different backgrounds and nationalities we share a common passion and language for quality artistic visualisation.

Marvin Nooitgedacht

Having grown up in the Netherlands, Marvin made his way over to London to co-found Pixelflakes in 2012 alongside Matthew Reid. Marvin is the Managing Director of Pixelflakes and holds a Master’s degree in Art & Technology from the University Of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Marvin enjoys Basketball, table tennis and all things media / technology related. A self-confessed gadget-man.

Matthew Perry Reid

Matthew is our Visualisation Director and Founding Partner at Pixelflakes. He holds a degree in Architectural Visualisation (BA Hons) from Bournemouth University and has worked at renowned visualisation studios across London.

When he's not at Pixelflakes you'll find him attempting to create the ultimate Old Fashioned, still a way to go!

Pedro Botelho

Pedro is an associate at Pixelflakes and holds an MA in Architecture which he acquired in his home town, Lisbon. Prior to joining Pixelflakes in 2013 Pedro worked at varied architectural practices such as Promontorio in Lisbon and Tryptyque in Sao Paulo.

In his spare time, Pedro enjoys practicing yoga and drawing. He also runs an independent publisher for artists – Pareas Parias.

Benjamin Marzys

Ben joined Pixelflakes in 2014 after having worked as an architect at architectural practices NFA Office and Studio Arne Quinze in Belgium. He completed his studies at Cardiff’s Welsh School of Architecture and London’s Bartlett School of Architecture.

He’s a sharp tennis talent and has a keen eye for photography. Ben was also once "a famous DJ" in Belgium, or so he claims. We're still unsure.

Chloe Mann

Chloe graduated from Bournemouth University, where she studied Product Design. Chloe joined us as one of our very first interns. After her internship she chose to go travelling and worked as a visualisation artist in Sydney Australia before moving back to the UK. She now forms part of our talented team of artists.

Ibrahim Bundu

Ibrahim graduated from Bournemouth University in 2014 with a degree in CGI: Modelling and Animation. He joined Pixelflakes as part of our internship programme.

In his spare time you will find Ibrahim reading the latest issue of Batman whilst being beaten by 15 year olds at Call of Duty. An avid gamer, and self confessed burger enthusiast.

Rich Macey

Rich joined Pixelflakes with a wealth of knowledge in early 2018 having held an Associate position at Foster and Partners in the Design Communication team for over 5 years.

In his spare time Rich likes to keep active and is an avid jogger, rock climber and also has a passion for oil painting, our resident Picasso!

Lauren Wells

Lauren joined Pixelflakes at the end of 2015 after graduating with a degree in Illustration & Visual Communication from the University of Westminster. As well as helping to run our busy studio Lauren is also part of our media design team.

In her spare time, she enjoys illustration, ceramics and is our resident Mary Berry.

Valeria Di Paola

Valeria studied Building Engineering at the University of Catania, Sicily before working as an Architect. After an inspiring masterclass at the SOA Academy, she decided to move to the world of archviz and relocated to London in 2018. Valeria joined Pixelflakes in early 2021 having worked at other London studios prior.

In her spare time, Valeria like to explore cities armed with her camera and a thirst for the weird and wonderful. Find her at a gallery opening, a design exhibition or navigating through a new neighbourhood.

Xavier Pratt

Xavier hails from Spain where he studied Architecture at Ramon Llull University. Before joining Pixelflakes in 2019, he worked at Isabel Lopez Vilalta and Ricardo Bofill–Taller de Arquitectura.

If Xavier isn't relaxing in a coffee shop he can be seen zipping around a city on his motorbike. Whilst living in Australia, Xavier developed a love for surfing and tries to get back on the water whenever he can - he's even considered surfing the Thames!

Vale Baruffo

Vale joined Pixelflakes in early 2019 having studied Photography and Journalism in Rome before studying Architecture at the University of Rome La Sapienza.

As our resident Italian Vale is a big foodie, often bringing back delicious treats from her home city of Rome for the team to gorge themselves on. She’s a self-confessed 3D addict, and often works on personal work in her free time, keeping the whole team inspired and fed, colleagues don’t get any better than this!

Óscar Rodríguez

Oscar studied Master of Architecture at the University of A Coruña. After years of working in studios as an architect, Oscar found his way to the world of visualisation before becoming a freelance 3D Artist. Having moved to London in 2020, Oscar soon joined Pixelflakes as part of our Internship Program.

Music is one of Oscar’s great passions. Having already mastered the piano and viola, he’s now set his mind to learning jazz music.

Alex Dechiara

Alex opened his own architectural studio in 2014 after graduating from Polytechnic of Bari with a degree in Architectural design. In 2019 he decided to pursue a career in visualisation leading him to complete a Master’s Degree in CGI at MADI, Venice University. He joined Pixelflakes as part of our Internship Program in 2020.

Alex’s ideal day is to escape to the mountains or on a wilderness adventure, finishing his expeditions around a campfire long into the night. In the city, swap your dinner reservations for a table at a craft beer brewery, Alex will be there tasting the whole menu.

Guglielmo Barberi

Guglielmo (AKA Gui, Guli or Gigi) hails from Turin where he studied Building Engineering. Guglielmo’s passion for CGI first started whilst working in a fashion studio where he designed concepts for fashion shows. He worked as a 3D Artist at Mario Cucinella Architects for over two years before moving to London and joining Pixelflakes in early 2021.

Having grown up near The Alps, Guglielmo loves hiking and being surrounded by nature. When back on flat land, he can either be found cooking up some traditional Italian food or watching football.

Errol May

Errol or ‘EJ' as he’s affectionately known, graduated from Southampton Solent in 2015 with an honours degree in Computer Generated Imagery and found his way over to the Pixelflakes crew having also worked at Area Sq.

EJ's favourite writer is the Japanese born Haruki Murakami and highly recommends the ‘Colourless life of Tsukuru’ if you’re in need of a new read. EJ loves a bit of green tea and a boogie, not at the same time we hope!

Sofía Nowak

Sofia joined Pixelflakes in 2021 to manage our ever-evolving asset library. Prior to this Sofia spent four years at Wilkinson Eyre, studied Design Technical Engineering at the University of Malaga and has completed a Master’s Degree in Architectural Rendering at the Animum Creativity Advanced School.

Sofia is a hands-on person, literally. Mastering crafts like crocheting, building ceramic miniatures as well as playing the ukulele. She’s a self-confessed green finger enthusiast, creating an indoor jungle in her home – we’re hoping she’ll give us her top tips to saving our dying studio plants.

Katie Murphy

Katie studied Interior Architecture at the University of Brighton before becoming a Junior Designer at Richmond International. In 2020 she decided to transition to Visualisation and joined our Internship Program.

Care for a game of solitaire? You won’t stand a chance against Katie. She is also a walking, talking IMBD – useful knowledge that comes into play during our weekly studio quizzes!



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