CPD Registration Form

CPD Topics covered:

  • An introduction to Pixelflakes, our team and mission.
  • A close look at the sources of inspiration for our work.
  • What artistic principles we follow and take into account when creating our work.
  • ‘Before and after’ examples showing the extent of 3D vs the amount of post-production.
  • The two different approaches we use to create our imagery and how / why we use each individual approach.
  • A selection of our most recent work.
  • An in-depth walk through of a number of our Photoshop files, containing many tips & tricks that we have developed as a studio.
  • New technologies we are focusing on.
  • An exclusive CPD give-away for all attendees.

*We are more than happy to provide catering depending on your office location.
*If you would rather visit our office for this CPD, please make a note of this when registering interest.

*Please register your interest regardless of your location. We will be recording a number of CPDs that we will be able to share digitally even if we cannot make it to your country/city.

Some of our hosts to date: