Exploring architectural essence: Drawing inspiration from Herzog and de Meuron's 'Jenga Tower' at 56 Leonard Street to craft unique marketing collateral - CGIs, brochures, and apps.

56 Leonard Street

  • Client Portfolio related
  • Location Manhattan, New York
  • Category Residential
  • Project stage Marketing & Sales
  • Deliverables Imagery, Animation, Branding, Interactive

As an non-commissioned portfolio piece, Pixelflakes gathered inspiration from Herzog & de Meuron’s 56 Leonard street and generated a case study for a new visual identity campaign



We designed a playful interactive application that highlighted the offset composition of the scheme and design. Herzog and de Meuron’s team designed the tower to resemble a garden of offset pixels in the sky. Our UI and UX mimicked this intention through playful reveals and parallax layering of the information.


The main brochure was assembled using textures and colours that resembled the various materials used during construction of 56 Leonard St. White for the marble, blue for the glass and grey for the concrete.

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